Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Welcome to the UG-Flex Project Blog

Welcome to the UG-Flex Project Blog!

We have created this blog to provide regular updates on the project - our progress, the challenges, what the project team is up to etc.

We want to hear from you too, so please feel free to add your comments and views - it could be anything from what you had for breakfast to sounding off about the latest systems gliche! You might even want to share some good news too.

So, what is "UG-Flex"?

UG-Flex is a JISC funded project based at the University of Greenwich that is working to reveal and enhance the University's curriculum development processes in order to support a more flexible and diverse curriculum underpinned by agile systems.

We know that the University of Greenwich is already flexible and for many years we have run part time, CPD, distance, blended and short courses. The problem is that our current processes, from inception of the idea for a programme or course through to registration and delivery, are shoe-horned into processes that were designed over 10 years ago, when the academic models and student demographic were very different.

UG-Flex is based on the premises that we must become more agile, more efficient and more responsive, and this requires a University-wide understanding of what “flexible” means and slicker systems and processes that can support curricula of a high quality and standard that is trusted and widely used.

To achieve this UG-Flex is working with a range of stakeholders to identify their key requirements.


  1. I wonder if it might be possible to create a UG-Flex 'mark' whereby accredited learning offered in flexible mode meets certain agreed quality and stakeholder criteria and branded as 'flexible' and fit for purpose?

  2. Thanks, this is a really interesting idea. I think it could focus our minds on producing clear criteria and would ensure the project has visible impact beyond its immediate lifetime.

    I wonder if this is also the way to focus a discussion and achieve consensus between stakeholders on what we mean by "flexible learning provision"?