Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Reflections on University of Greenwich annual e-learning conference "Future Learningscapes: a 21st Century Challenge

Last week's e-learning conference was enjoyable and (echoing the unofficial theme of the day) provided me with some food for thought.....

I enjoyed the keynote by Grainne Conole from the Open University and in particular I recognised a lot in her description of "a ha" moments. In short - there are so many resources out there but it takes an "a ha" moment for an individual to bridge the gap between promise and reality in how they could use and benefit from them.

Like Grainne I haven't had an "a ha" moment with  SecondLife - although CNWL's presentation at the same event has made me want to take a closer look  I'm also going to check out language learning community website and the TED  talks at