Friday, 25 September 2009


One of the things that our project and I suspect other projects would benefit from are examples of good practice in terms of the institutional processes supporting part-time and flexible delivery in the HE sector. We are told that for example the private sector has something like 90% of the CPD market and that HE are " So slow", but I'm finding it difficult to identify examples within HE of institutions that are considered to have got it right. Should we be looking at the processes being used in the private sector? Is it really just about us reducing the admin burden around institutional processes as suggested at the ALT symposium? As the song says "thier are more questions than answers". So far!

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  1. It is a very interesting suggestion to look at how the private sector do it. I'll sound out our employer rep on the Steering Group for ideas.

    About those HE institutions that are getting it right. HEFCE seems to think there are some with potential since they've given out £60 million to around 40 HE employer engagements projects in recent years. See
    I thought Bradford, Chester, Derby, Hertfordshire, Open University and Salford might be worth a closer look in terms of systems and processes, curriculum models and organisational change.