Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Engaging Students in their own learning - good practice

It's been a busy time for the UG-Flex Project team with a Steering Group and a Management Group meeting and visits to Birmingham and Nottingham for a cluster meeting and a programme meeting in recent weeks.

Further posts on these events will follow, but first I wanted to shared Birmingham City University's (BCU) inspiring practice on involving their students in creating a learning community.

BCU have drawn on the philosophy embedded in Futurelab's 2006 'Learner Voice' handbook and have thought in detail about how students are engaged in learning development on a spectrum ranging from  passive - active - co-dependent - independent.

BCU's Student Academic Partners Scheme has sponsored 30 educational development projects designed to develop specific aspects of learning and teaching practice. The innovation that takes it further along the spectrum  (or "ladder") of engagement is the requirement that projects must be a genuine and equal partnership of staff and students, with the latter being the initiator.  The student/s negotiate their own role in the project and are paid for up to 125 hours of work.  Already some notable benefits have emerged.

I would really recommend you take the time to find out more at:  http://www.birminghamcitysu.com/saps/

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