Tuesday, 29 June 2010

University of Greenwich "Balanced Academic Workload Model" pilot project

A significant issue for UG-Flex's stakeholders is the extent to which the academic staff contract can support greater flexibility in pace, place and mode of delivery.  We know from the discussions that took place at the last Programme Meeting in May that other projects in the CDD programme are pondering the same kinds of questions.

So the UG-Flex project will be watching with great interest a pilot project that has started at the University of Greenwich,  led by our Personnel department, to test  a method of  modelling academic workloads that draws on practice developed through a  national "Managing Academic Workloads" project based at Salford University. The intention is to feedback the outcomes later in the 2010/11 academic session, with a view to wider roll out at Greenwich from in 2011/12.

UG-Flex has been working to ensure that lessons from this pilot are shared and considered in a broader context of enabling greater flexibility in curriculum design. We are well placed since the main sponsor, Russell Brocket, our  Director of Personnel, is also a member of the UG-Flex Project Steering Group and gave a presentation on the pilot at our last meeting in early June. Another champion, Mike Sharp, is member of our Project Management Group.

Further details of the background, principles and main features of the model can be found at http://www.gre.ac.uk/offices/personnel/ppga/baw

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